Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Is the political system a failure in the state of Nagaland?

“A politician cannot make money unless they destroy institutions” and when they destroy institutions the state stop growing and we are witnessing it. According to me “I think we are witnessing a political system failure in the State of Nagaland, whether you agree it or not but it’s happening in the state. My Dear young Naga people, if you are anything like me you may also find yourself constantly overwhelmed by everything that’s wrong with politics. And when I say politics I am not talking about Regional or National Party. I am talking about the flaws that exist in our political system regardless of which party is in power. And I know, it’s hard to talk about politics these days, but look: The government is ours. We pay for it, so it needs to work for us. And right now, how the government is functioning can only be judged by oneself.
So, what’s going on here? is it Governor? is it UDA Government or Opposition Party? is it him? is it her? For the past couple of years, the Congress and NPF, those two were the least popular political party in the state of Nagaland, now NPF, NDPP and BJP. The people of Nagaland have elected most of their representatives not basing on their performance and capabilities but basing on the amount of money they spend; this was the biggest mistake of the voters. While for example in New Delhi, the people of Delhiites have elected their candidates basing on their performance and one can clearly see how Delhi has changed in terms of various infrastructure and other development sectors.
The puzzle game: The main opposition party NPF on August 18. 2020, announced it withdrawal from Joint Legislators Forum (JLF) stating that on Naga political issue is facing “huge trust deficit” and on August 28. 2020, NPF formed a new Political Affairs Mission (PAM) headed by MLA & Leader of Opposition as Convenor, and which the newly formed PAM will function independently. Earlier on Sept 18, 2021, all 60 legislators becomes a part of the another second opposition-less government i.e., United Democratic Alliance (UDA), stating that it was, in the interest of the Naga political issue. Later on, 21 NPF MLAs were merged with NDPP reducing to 4 NPF MLAs, again stating that the merger was to collectively push for an early solution to the protracted Naga Political issue. Only few per cent of Naga people have a great deal of confidence to the present political scenario now. And those who knew the ground reality of political system have no longer even considered a full democracy. That is why I have stated that we are witnessing a political system failure in the state of Nagaland. It might not be so but it’s happening, which is the complete opposite of what our forefathers had in mind. The question I want to ask to the young people is what’s causing this failure? how we can fix it? and what we can do about it? Should we joint politics and formed a new political party? or request a respective political party to reserve a seat for young educated Naga to enter into politics? and fixed the problem. What is your opinion? It is not a good time for young people to raise our voice on newspaper alone and moreover just talking what’s wrong with the society and getting depressed and going to sleep again and doing the same the next day and so on, instead we must try and do something, this is the only way we could do anything about the society, we must participate in decision making body and make our region a better state.
Preferences of the average Nagas appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact on public policy.” How is this happen? Consider this. Politicians are saving money for re-election after they get into the office, Why? Because in order to win a seat in the NLA. Spending and investing up to 60-70% (just my estimation) of their time raising funds for the next 5 years to get enough money to win election. It is very risky to talk such things these days, special when election is knocking at the door, but you see were some politicians have become completely dependent on rich people, who fund for their campaigns and investing money for themselves to make more money. They plan and make a good vision not for Nagaland state but for themselves , if only they have a good vision and have a proper plan for the state, then do we consider that our road conditions, health sector, education sector and other infrastructures etc. could be better off relative to other neighboring state? Just take an example of Medical College, which was approved by the Government of India in the year 2014 as the first ever Medical College in Nagaland state which is yet to complete due to some reason and another second Medical College in Mon was approved by the centre. Finally the incomplete Nagaland Medical College (NMC) after 8 years was now renamed as Nagaland Institute of Medical Science & Research- (NIMSR) after centre’s refusal to take over the NMC, I think this was the only successful achievements of Nagaland Government, I don’t know how long will it take to fully complete the Project. Nagaland has also set a world record for the longest time taken to build a High Court, which the foundation stone was laid in 2007. At the time, High Courts were planned to be established in Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura. The other three states had functioning High Courts since 2013, and Nagaland High Courts is still yet to complete. This clearly shows a simple sign that how the government is serious about the development prospects of the state, though they speak tall words.
It was on 7 Sept 2020 while the Chief Minister unveiled the foundation stone Programme of Professional College of Music and Fine Arts, the newspaper headlines on eastern mirror appeared as “Our vision is to offer quality education” and on 20 Sept 2020 the newspaper headlines on Nagaland Post appeared “Attendance of teachers not satisfactory” and Principal Director of school education urging teachers to reach out to students. When we look into the ground reality of education system of our state, specially government schools HSLC & HSSLC shows a poor performance results, forget about having quality education, if government’s vision and dream is to provide quality education than the government should first work on improving the performance of their own education institutions and later talk about having quality education, world class and so on. The motto Actions not Words become just an opposite. We are fed up of the politics played in the state of Nagaland, we are just eagerly waiting a time for a new change but sadly new change happen only on newspaper and not in reality, some had passed away fighting for changes and left this beautiful world without seeing a changes that they really want to see. Politicians are good in busy drawing the boundaries of their own voting constituency into crazy shapes designed to prevent competition. And sometimes the press media cell of the political parties is very smart in manipulating the news, simply just in order to gain political rights, which they fool the general public. Today only few per cent of House campaigns are actually competitive and majority of them are not. And we wonder why young people feel that their vote doesn’t matter. It’s a corrupt system in which “We the people” have “near zero” influence over our own government. And that is very sad. That is not the State i feel like i grew up in. But what’s worse is that by allowing this to happen we are causing the failure of the most important issues facing by our state. We have more talented and skilled people but less public and private sector to create more job and this is of little concern for politicians. It was just recently due to COVID-19 pandemic some employment generation programmes has started by the government, such kinds of programmes should have been started long back but it’s never too late. The Morung Express poll result date 20 Sept 2020 on “Do you think Nagaland government is giving ample support to local entrepreneurs and start-ups? Shows that 64% voted No and 14% Yes. Stating that if someone starts any kind of business by themselves, the government cannot even stop the taxation. So, this is the reality of the government on the other side.
Moreover, we’re not even doing enough to keep our air and our water clean for our future. Nagas were also once upon a time a free people running their own administration but instead, we have statistically non-significant impact on public policy. So, how can we fix this problem is that possible? A few persons cannot change the political power structure of Nagaland. Educated people being silent and afraid to raise our rights also make a huge difference, fixing corruption requires that we enlist all Nagas from illiterate to literate comprising all kinds of people to fight in order to bring a new change that we desire for. Furthermore, we believe the government should work for every Nagas, not just a handful of their close people and special-interests. Together we can fix our corrupt political system, save Nagaland, and get to work on fixing everything else that’s broken in our State. It is time for young people to set out a new mission to build Nagaland State that works for everyone, which puts the interests of ordinary, working class people first. We are facing a moment of great change; we must define an ambitious new role for ourselves. That involves asking ourselves, what kind of state we really want to be? and at the same time, I believe everyone have a precious opportunity to step back and ask ourselves some searching questions about what kind of changes we want? what kind of society – do we want to be? In fact, it’s not just an opportunity to think, but a duty too. Because we were also expressing a far more profound sense of frustration about aspects of life and the way in which politics and politicians have failed to respond to the people concerns. Fed up of politicians and the false promises they make time after time. We want to take back control of the things that matter in our lives. We want a government that listens, understands and is on our side. We want change. And a government should deliver it, without compromising to the peoples.
We don’t ask for much, but we want to know that the people who make the big decisions are on our side, working for us. We want everyone plays by the same rules and things are fair. If the government do the right thing for the betterment of the future generation then tomorrow will be better than today and the future generation and young people will have a fair chance in life, the chance to go as far as their talents will take them. We want a state where everyone has a fair chance to go as far as their talent and their hard work will allow, and the chance to share fairly in the prosperity of the State then only the State of Nagaland will see a new change.
The government must deliver a real social reform across every layer of the society and ensure that everything that the government helps is to give a fair chance to those who are just getting by and help to those who are even more disadvantaged. We want a state that works for everyone, in a state were equal opportunity is given, it doesn’t matter where you were born, where you come from or your background or how much your parents earn. If you work hard and do the right thing, you will be able to go as far as you can. This change will not be easy, change rarely happens, but this is the change we need if we are to make Nagaland state a better state or a Greater Nagalim.
Lenangh Angh
Social worker & Student leader

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