Wednesday, October 4, 2023

ISBT murder: WSH demands ex-gratia, bravery award for victim

Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) has demanded that the state government offer ex-gratia and a posthumous bravery award to late Hozheto Yeptho, who was killed inside ISBT complex Purana Bazar, Dimapur on August 24 morning.

WSH president Shikaho Zhimomi and general secretary Vikato Shikhu Achumi stated that late Hozheto, who was murdered in the line of duty, deserved to be honoured posthumously. WSH described late Hozheto as “a very sincere dedicated and diligent government employee” who worked wholeheartedly and sacrificed even his life for the service which he was employed.

“Late Hozheto Yeptho died bravely while trying to protect the goods confiscated by the Customs department and kept in the trucks which were parked inside the ISBT complex,” WSH stated. The hoho stated that a wife has now lost a loving father while his children have lost a loving father who earned and fed them. Therefore, WSH has appealed to the state government and the department to intervene at the earliest and understand the plight of the deceased’s wife and children. “Such great sacrifice should not go unnoticed, unrewarded or in vain,” WSH added.

Further, WSH said that since late Hozheto had still more years to go in the service and gave his life in the line of duty, a family member be put in his stead on compassionate ground. Meanwhile, WSH has appealed to all responsible “not to take the incident on tribal lines but an unfortunate happening.”



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