Monday, January 30, 2023

It’s a family affair

Whether the loyal remnant members of a rudderless Congress party, over whom sit sycophants making up the All India Congress Committee(AICC) whose duty is to wait for instructions from the party courtiers who make up the inner core of unelectable leaders who, in turn, make themselves indispensable to the ‘high command’ or the mother, son and now daughter trio. It was another futile brainstorming or ‘Chintan Shivir’ which the nation’s oldest political party, Congress which originated as a freedom movement, has been using since 2012. The Congress replicated the BJP’s ‘Chintan Baithak’ which the latter had conducted since 2009. The latest ‘Chintan Shivir’ of the Congress was held on March 13, Sunday to take stock of the defeat in all five state elections. In UP, Priyanka set up a whopping 401 candidates to the 403-member assembly. It was insane overconfidence or pure height of naivety for her to dream of achieving anything notable. This was borne out by the results in which Congress won only two seats, down from seven out of the 114 it contested in 2017. The Congress lost power in Punjab where it was in a position to retain power but managed only 18 seats to the 92 seats won by the AAP in the 117-member assembly. Priyanaka and Rahul had a hand in the rout when they mishandled the internal crisis by humiliating sitting chief minister Capt. Amarinder instead of making him resign in order to placate Navjyot Sidhu. The Congress also succumbed to muscle and money power politics in Manipur where it could bag only five seats as against 28 it had won in 2017 to the BJP’s 21. In Goa, the Congress dreamt of being the single largest party but won only 11 to the BJP’s 20. In Uttarakhand the re-induction of Harish Rawat as the CM face did not help Congress regain the state as even he (Rawat) lost. In all these losses, what has been evident was the mishandling of the election strategy by the Gandhi siblings. No leader was given charge for campaigning except Rahul and Priyanka. It may be too harsh to squarely blame the Gandhi siblings for the party’s continued freefall since 2014 but then again, they are all-in-all with regard to appointments to top posts in the party. They chose who would be the party face in states going to elections. Therefore, for the inner courtiers to blame the ‘chosen ones’ for the disastrous defeats is unfair. A telling piece was written in a national media which mentioned Congress as a party that has lost over 40 elections and won just five in the last eight years. The report said Congress hasn’t been able to get even 10 per cent of the total Lok Sabha seats in the past two elections (2014 and 2019), failing to get even the Leader of Opposition’s status. Rahul had practically taken over Congress as president by 2013 and for the sycophants at CWC it was going to be “better days are ahead”. However it has been bitter and not better days ahead for Rahul and the rudderless and leaderless party. The Congress is surely going to be led by Rahul Gandhi when elections are held from August-September because no one would dare file nomination paper against him. In December 2013, after the Congress lost in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh, he promised to “transform” the party “in ways you can’t even imagine right now.” Well, when that promised transformation will come only after Rahul himself is transformed politically.

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