Saturday, December 10, 2022

It’s never too late for Nagas to come back to the right way

It doesn’t matter how many years you‘ve been struggling to break free from whatever it is that holds you bound. It could be that you’ve had a secret problem in our state for twenty years, thirty years, even longer. The length of time you‘ve struggled doesn’t diminish God’s power or take away from the fact that HE loves you and wants to see you set free.
It doesn’t matter how many times you‘ve tried and failed or what others have said to you or about you. God knows you better than anyone else. He knows you even better than you know yourself, and He says that you can succeed- and with His power, you can.
We have came across a list of people who were list encouraged us. These were people who refused to give up but kept on moving in the direction of the goals they had established for themselves, and by the grace of God they eventually reached them:
• Winston Churchill was considered “washed up” after committing what everyone agreed was a tactical mistake during World War I.
• Lucille Ball was told early in her career that she had absolutely no ability as an actress and that she should forget about show business, go home, and find a nice man to marry.
• Zane Grey was told by a publisher, “You can’t write; you’ll be able to write,” and to please quit wasting the publisher’s time with his ‘rubbish”.
• Beethoven had such difficulty learning to play the piano that his music teacher gave up on him.
• Thomas Edison was considered a dunce by his elementary school classmates and the grades he received supported their evaluation.
• Louis Pasteur received a failing grade in chemistry class.
• Abraham Lincoln failed at almost everything he tried- business, politics, and law- before he was elected president in 1860.

  • Black men in USA they tried for many decades but that failed but today Barak Obama the first black men to contest for the post President in USA
    This list could go on for several pages with names of great, successful people- but people who, for at least part of their lives, were not considered great or successful by anyone’s measure.
    Whatever your life has been so far doesn’t have to say anything about what it will be in the future. Past failures don’t mean there won’t be future successes. You may be in bondage today, but that does not mean you won’t be free tomorrow.
    “It is never too late to take a new direction and move boldly towards a new destination”.
    “It is never too late to square our shoulders and meet the challenge head on”.
    “It is never too late to fight back and achieve success”.
    “Are we still fighting?”
    In spiritual sense, there are thousands of people in our land today who are in the position of Iraqi soldiers before they surrendered. They’re bruised and bleeding, still refuse to lay down their weapons and surrender. May be we are the one of these people, who still did not surrender our life to God for our nation. If so we need to take a moment and read the Bible from the book of Judges Chapter 20’ we should ask ourself a very important question for our Nagas tomorrow;
    “What I am fighting for?” Another question to consider is,
    ”Whom I am fighting for “.
    You probably do not even realize it, chance are very good that you are fighting against God himself. Just as Iraqi soldiers had no way to win the war against the US and its Allies thing about, their is no way you win if you are fighting against God” The ironic thing about it is that God does not want us to fight and kill among Nagas.
    The Old Testament stories as “Proof” that God can be downright ferocious if we Naga people cross Him. Look what happened to Sodom and Gomoroh they say.Not only were the evil cities destroyed by fire, but they were covered by water.
    We Naga people don’t believe or we have forgotten the wonderful stories in the old testament of a loving God and in the New testament showing Jesus in a loving light
    Lastly but not least humble appeal to all the collective leaders of Nagas, Let with one stroke of your pen and let the one shoot of our bullet change the destiny of Naga’s future according to God’s will.
    “For Nagas tomorrow”
    H.Vikato Zhimo Naga
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