Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Jamir predicts impending ‘quake’ with Delhi as epicentre


Veteran Naga politician and former chief minister and governor Dr. S.C. Jamir has predicted an impending earthquake in Nagaland with “epicentre in New Delhi”, that would jolt the state and the cause for which will not be “hard to find”.
He said this at the inauguration of ‘Aongza Ki’, a multi-purpose building at Aongza war in presence of minister of rural development Metsubo Jamir, NLA speaker Sharingain Longkumer and All Ward Union Mokokchung president Limanungsang Friday.
Jamir said people in Nagaland have been crying for peace, unity and want to move ahead as with other states but lamented that the reality was like a nightmare. He said Nagaland was plagued by confusion, fear psychosis and suspicion which he attributed to lack of transparency among stakeholders involved with the Naga political talk.
Dr Jamir also lamented that since the political boundary has been broken, it has become difficult to identify who was who. He said people must accept blame and that the only anti-dote for the ailment was truth speaking, when Nagas can say black is black and white is white. Dr. Jamir also said it was time for Nagas to realise their own strength and overcome the problems.
On the political issue, he said talks have been going on for over two decades during which the stakeholders have discussed every issue including sovereignty, flag and constitution but people were still unaware of what has been agreed. He also mentioned that after NSCN(I-M) signed the Framework Agreement with the government of India on August 3,2015, the signatories of both sides shook hands, which could signify “an expression of acceptance or happiness”.
Drawing attention on recent statements by some group who questioned why the government of India called him to Delhi etc; Dr. Jamir said he went to Delhi twice at the invitation of prime minister Narendra Modi and recently to meet union home minister Amit Shah, to Delhi to know the fate of Nagas and not for his personal benefit.
When he met the prime minister and home minister, Jamir said he wanted to know about the outcome of the talks since “the future of the Nagas cannot be determined without the knowledge and consent of the Nagas.” Jamir opined that the Framework Agreement was signed keeping in mind the best interests of both Nagas and Indians. He also pointed out that the agreement did not contain anything about Naga sovereignty, integration or flag and constitution.
Similarly, Dr. Jamir said none of these issues were mentioned in the Agreed Position, signed between the government of India and the WC, NNPGs.
Jamir also said he categorically conveyed to the prime minister Modi and union home minister Shah during his recent meetings, what he had stated at a press conference- that if Nagas were to live separately, they should not suffer anymore as they have enough burdens.
Unfortunately, Dr. Jamir pointed out that when all Nagas were united to move ahead, certain groups began attacking him personally. He asked whether the Naga issue was an individual issue or which concerned all Nagas?
Dr. Jamir said he had spoken out many times in the past, that the Naga issue does not belong to any private entity and every Naga has the right to express his or her opinion over an issue that concerns all of them and for which no one should object to. He said Nagas have every right to know what the future holds for them otherwise, it would be like a noose on them. He said Nagas should not be led to damnation but salvation.
He urged upon the younger generation of Nagas to be brave and not to hesitate to speak the truth since they are the future and should be indispensible by excelling in all fields.
He also advised Aos not to live in the past but focus more on the present 21st century and the future. Jamir emphasised on focus on education, socio-economic development so as to catch up with the progressive world. Jamir said he envisioned a Christ-centred new Nagaland where there will be peace and prosperity all around.
Earlier, minister of RD Metsubo Jamir, who was guest of honour, lauded Aongza ward as being an epitome of unity in strength among various communities of Mokokchung town living in peaceful coexistence. Others who spoke included special invitees NLA speaker Sharingain Longkumer and AWUMT president Limanungsang.


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