Sunday, June 4, 2023

JCC lauds decision on removal of footpath vendors

Suggest relocating footpath vendors to Super Market

Joint Colony Council (JCC) of NST colony and Middle Point Colony have expressed appreciation to the Deputy Commissioner, the Commissioner of Police and the Chief Executive Officer of Dimapur Municipal Council(DMC) for removing footpath vendors from the main areas of Dimapur city, especially the food carts and food stalls from Clock Tower to Popular Bakery.
In a joint statement, chairman JCC(NST)Colony Diswang Hau, advisor Vikashe Zhimomi. GN Middle Point Hukato Aye and general secretary Benjungwati Ao reminded the authorities of having raised the problems caused by food cart, food stall and foothpath vendors in the past. They said JCC and MP youth volunteers even had to clear footpaths where foodstalls were set up which blocked pedestrians and shoppers from using the passages.
The signatories pointed out that the food carts and food stalls attracted many unruly elements who cause unruly scenes and unwanted situations every night till wee hours.
The signatories said in a direct challenge on the authorities, alcohol was illegally served openly at night to who go for drinking.
They said every night loud blaring music greatly disturbed the peace at night especially when students were preparing for exams.
Again, the next day, the area around the shops used to be littered with broken bottles, leftover food, meat chunks. The signatories said that many drunken customers often vomit or urinate on shutters of nearby shops while some even pass stools on the by lanes to colonies.
Even during the day, when the food carts and stalls have not begun their business hours, the food carts used to be parked on the nearby by-lanes of colonies and also right in front of gates of private residences. They said the residents faced great difficulty fin moving in or out of their residences.
The signatories of JCC also recalled that they had raised the issue at several meetings with district authorities besides issuing press statements highlighting the problems faced by motorists and pedestrians alike. The signatories said their volunteers had also tried to rein in the promoters of these nightly businesses but to no avail.
In the light of the suffering faced by the public from these business in the heart of Dimapur city and also creating of huge traffic jams along the busiest roads in Dimapur , the signatories have urged upon the DC Dimapur, Commissioner Police and CEO of DMC against entertaining any plea from any section for reopening of these nightly business ventures in the area.
They said , public cannot be allowed to suffer under the plea of self employment and that should not be harassed.


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