Friday, June 2, 2023

JPN cautions against ‘buying and selling’ of land

Jalukie Pumling Nko (JPN) has cautioned against buying and selling of land within Jalukie jurisdiction.
In a press release, JPN chairman, Kumui Nring informed that certain individual or group were “indulging in unauthorised selling of land by setting up fictitious claims by means of forge/fabricated documents and impersonation.”
In this regard, JPN stated that it decided to take stringent actions under relevant acts and customary practice against any perpetrators found culpable in such illegal activities pertaining to land grabbing, operating either individually or in group.
It urged upon the right thinking citizens not to be misled into committing such unlawful acts and to abstain from buying of land without obtaining NOC from the Jalukie Pumling Nko/Old Jalukie Village Council.
“Buying of land through unscrupulous dealers/buyers is entirely at their own risk and will not be condoned by the Jalukie people”, it further stated.
JPN asserted that the people of Jalukie would “safeguard the entire stretch of its territorial boundaries, heritage and natural resources at all cost”.
In this regard, it said that consent from the appropriate authority should be obtained to avoid any misunderstanding in future.
Further, JPN and OJVC extended full cooperation to the ongoing works of NH129A road construction within its jurisdiction.
It requested the construction company and the law enforcing agencies to keep constant vigilance against individual/group indulging in unscrupulous act for their gain and also warned that individual/groups hindering the developmental work would be dealt with appropriate action.
Meanwhile, JPN banned burning of charcoal and random cutting of firewood for business purposes. It warned that defaulters would be dealt with disciplinary action including fine.
It has also warned the general public that hunting within community reserved forest was strictly prohibited and violators would be “heavily fined, banished from the village” and “his/her weapon would be seized.”


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