Wednesday, February 8, 2023

JZVC rejoinder to WSH statement

Jalukie Zangdi Village Council (JZVC), in a rejoinder, has expressed strong resentment over the August 11 statement by Western Sumi Hoho that Jalukie Zangdi villagers were “non-indigenous settlers from Manipur state’.
In a statement, JZVC chairman Bedusai Thelu-o and Head GB Kuvehu Vero pointed out that the village was founded by an indigenous citizen of Nagaland– Late. Zashetso Thelu-o of Porba village, Phek district in 1985 and the citizens of the village were Chakhesangs, a constituent unit of Western Chakhesang Hoho.
JZVC said the village land was donated by Old Jalukie Village under the “agreement signed between Old Jalukie Village Council and Lt. Zashetso Thelu-o according to customary norms.”It also pointed out that the village was recognized by the government on October 1, 1991. Therefore, JZVC said the purported statement was “humiliating and unacceptable to the citizens of JalukieZangdi Village.”
In this regard, the council has asked the WSH to provide the facts on what ground the villagers were called as non-indigenous settlers from Manipur.

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