Friday, September 29, 2023

Kaisa Rio inaugurates screening of documentary film


Lady wife of chief minister of Nagaland, Kaisa Rio inaugurated the three-day screening of documentary film “Where Cotton Flowers Grow” and mini exhibition-cum-sale at the Directorate of Art & Culture, Kohima on Tuesday.

Speaking at the programme, Kaisa Rio said that cotton is an ancient utility material that has served the timeline of human history till present day. She expressed her gratitude to the department for supporting, encouraging and promoting Naga textiles entrepreneurs and providing a platform for those special voices that must be heard.

Rio mentioned that creating a documentary is a labour of love often requiring extensive research dedication and a deep commitment to the subject matter. She said that by looking through their lens, they gain insights into worlds, they may have never known that it existed and expressed her deep appreciation for their invaluable work.
She said that documentary films hold a unique place in the world of cinema because of the profound story telling impact they are known to create far beyond the theatre or screen. “In today’s world, information is constantly at our finger tips with countless social media distractions which often forces us to forget the path trodden by our ancestors,” she added.

Commissioner & Secretary, Art & Culture, Athel O. Lotha, said that the art and crafts are one of the earliest creative experiences of the Nagas. She lamented that the traditional process of making textiles right from growing and sourcing the raw materials, spinning the raw materials to make yarn, to the final stages of weaving and dyeing the finished product, is on the verge of extinction. “Only a few elders in isolated pockets still practice the traditional and indigenous way of creating textiles”, she added.

Lotha said that the mini exhibition-cum-sale constituted exceptional display of authentic indigenous textiles and crafts, the talent, richness and diversity of the local crafts person. She believed that the screening of the documentary film and holding the mini exhibition-cum-sale will create awareness for preserving and promoting great heritage.

Sesino Yhoshu from TakeOne Production House said that the documentary film “Where Cotton Flowers Grow” focuses on four Khiamniungan women of Sanglao Village under Noklak district who are still keeping the craft alive.

The documentary film is an initiative of Exotic Echo Society produced by TakeOne Production House and financially supported by the Department of Art & Culture with logistical support from the Noklak district administration.

The commissioner and secretary added that the Department of Art & Culture preserves and promotes the artistic and cultural heritage of the Naga people and ensures that they are projected in its true form.
Vitono Gugu Haralu shared on the producer’s perspective, director Art & Culture, Adela Moa, gave the concluding remark.

The exhibition-cum-sale was later launched by the special guest Kaisa Rio where four group exhibited their product at the exhibition: Exotic Echoes, Chizami Weaves, Khiamniugan Menyiu Hoikam Kohima and Kürütrechu Cotton SHG, Meluri Village.


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