Thursday, March 30, 2023

KBC celebrates Rev. Zotuo’s 25 years of ministry

Members of Koinonia Baptist Church (KBC) organised a programme at Koinonia Prayer Centre (KPC), Tsiesema, under Kohima district, for founder and senior pastor of KBC, Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo, who completed 25 years of ministry on Monday.
In a press release, Koinonia media ministry informed that Sonuo Usou, who was the first KBC attendee in her thanksgiving speech, acknowledged Rev. Zotuo on completion of 25 years of ministry and highlighted various changes that took place over the years. She said the church has been going strong and has given blessings to many people.
Sonuo Usou also lauded wife of the reverend, who pastored the KBC and shepherded the church while being instrumental in building up numerous activities with regard to women.
Earlier, the programme was led by assistant pastor Rokopra Mekro, Deborah Group, The Oasis and Rubies presented special songs while deacons—Kezevituo Chakruno and Lhouzakie Rutsa read scriptures.
During the occasion, the congregation also prayed for Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo and family.
Koinonia media ministry informed that Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo on completion of masters in Theology from South Korea, founded KBC on December 21, 1997 on the theme “Preach the Gospel to Every Nation”.

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