Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Kohima Bible College (KBC) holds 49th graduation ceremony; 66 awarded degrees


The 49th graduation programme of Kohima Bible College (KBC) was held at Multipurpose Hall, IG Stadium Kohima on May 31, where it awarded degrees to 66 students.
The degrees were awarded to 30 in M.Div, one in M. Div (Diploma), four in Master of Divinity (extension), 24 in Bachelor of Theology and seven in Bachelor of Theology (Diploma).
On the occasion, Keneinguno Kezo(M.Div) and Viswedeno Sachü (B Th) were awarded with David Nann’ Award for the Academic proficiency Award. Sülü Pichhurü (M Div) and Viswedeno Sachü (B Th) received KBC President’s Award for Old Testament. Keneinguno Kezo (M Div) and Viswedeno Sachü (B Th) received KBC Principal’s Award for New Testament. Ruopfuvituo & Kuotsusinuo (M Div) and E.Mopa & Thaam K (B.Th) were awarded with Rev Neihulie’s Award for Practical Ministry and Kehoukhrienuo Sopfünui and Idichube Hiekha (M Div) and Vithong Tikhir & D. Kaini Kayina (B Th) with Spiritual Maturity Award,Mulevoto Venuh, Kevilezo Sachü, Viletuonuo and Rokonguü were presented with Social Service Award.Student of the year Award 2023 was awarded to Beduvolü Soho.
Earlier, guest speaker Rev. Dr. Mati Joseph, former Registrar, KBC (1974-1984) and Missionary encouraged the newly graduates that God has a purpose for everyone and that has to be the soul winner.
In his valedictory message, Rev. Joseph encouraged the graduates that knowing the word of God, obeying and living in His way would be most impactful. He asked them to remain a student of the Bible throughout their lives.
The programme was chaired by Thejavizo Sopfünuo, assistant professor, KBC. Speech on behalf of the graduating students was delivered by Keneingunuo Kezo (M. Div).
R. Bendang Kichu, Academic Dean, KBC led the presentation of awards and certificates which were conferred to the graduating students by Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo, principal, KBC and senior pastor, Koinonia Baptist Church and Abei-ü Neihulie, president, Managing Board, KBC.



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