Friday, June 2, 2023

KBC vacation Bible school concludes

Koinonia Baptist Church (KBC) Sunday school department Kohima, held its vacation Bible school from June 28-30 at Northfield, Khikha on the theme “Rocky Railway: He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless” (Isaiah 40:29).
In a press release, KBC informed that the morning devotions and vespers were led by VBS director Kekhriengulie Kuotsu, CEM superintendent Belinda Kiewhuo, evangelist Ruokuotuo Kuotsu, Visazo Seyie and Salenthong Khevazüklü.
The sermons were delivered by pastor Neibalie Kiewhuo, pastor Medotseilieü Kiewhuo and senior pastor Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo.
During the closing day in the gospel service, Bible was read by deacon Lhouzakie, special song by intermediate class and message from Rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo.
At the programme, best students were awarded to Neikhozo and Atula from beginner, Diethongunuo and Kelesezo from primary, Vituolieü and Kaishilungba from junior and Thashalo and Vitseinuo from the intermediate.
The three-day long programme was attended by 424 students and more than 70 KBC members and helpers with Pekrubeinuo Sanchu and Visatuonuo Semou as secretaries.
The praise and worship were led by Kevichütuo Sopfünuo and friends while fasting and prayer was led by Vizosul Sachü.
The classes were divided into beginner, primary, junior and intermediate with four stations—video, Bible story, Bible adventure and craft with 12 session teachers.


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