Monday, October 2, 2023

‘Keep stray animals off highways’: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to states

Union Minister Nitish Gadkari has urged the Chief Ministers of all states to put up fences along the expressways and national highways to keep stray animals off roads, reports NDTV news.

Nitin Gadkari asked them to strictly enforce rules to manage animals’ movement on the highways – which is one of the leading cause of crash-related deaths.

The Road Transport and Highways Minister said the Centre has launched several projects to develop roads in the country and prevent accidents caused by cattle coming onto the highways.

Gadkari last week informed the Rahya Sabha that it would introduce bamboo-made “Bahu Balli” fences along expressways and national highways and a pilot project would be undertaken in Chhattisgarh.

“This type of ‘Bahu Balli’ fencing is being experimented for the first time and it is eco-friendly too. All testing has been done and instead of steel, cross-barriers of bamboo are being developed. All approvals have been received,” Gadkari said

He said axis-control roads are being constructed to avoid animals entering the highways.
Gadkari had earlier said that the fence, constructed using bamboo, offers a fully effective and environmentally friendly solution to the issue of road safety.

The move aims to make all highways sustainable and minimize harm to wildlife and cattle, the minister said.
In March, a 200-meter-long bamboo crash barrier had been installed on a highway connecting Chandrapur and Yavatmal districts in Maharashtra.

This achievement is remarkable for the bamboo sector and India as a whole, as this crash barrier offers a perfect alternative to steel and addresses environmental concerns and their aftermath,” Gadkari had said.



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