Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Kezhaletuo Semou wins Naga Darts C’ship


The Naga Darts Championship for 2023 took place at the Hotel Millennium in Kohima from September 9-10.
The event was graced by director of youth resources and sports, Kethosituo Sekhose, as the chief guest during the closing ceremony with Col SBB Sharma, Commandant of the 1st Assam Rifles as the special guest.

During the closing ceremony and prize distribution, director Kethosituo Sekhose expressed enthusiasm for the game of darts and delight at being introduced to the captivating sport. He hoped that darts would gain popularity and expressed optimism that players participating in the championship would go on to represent their region in both national and international stages.

In the Naga Darts Championship, the following players emerged victorious:

Champion: Kezhaletuo Semou ; Runner-up: Kikruneizo Zatsu; Joint 3rd Place: Neiketou Suohu and Vikhor Tepa.
Champion Doubles: Vikhor Tepa & Kelhousatuo Yiese; Runner-up Doubles: Kikruneizo Zatsu & Kezhabu Suohu ; Joint 3rd Place Doubles: Kezhaletuo & Kekhriengulie, Neibi Solo & Sedevile
In Individual Awards:
Most Promising Player: Joshua Semou; Highest Check Out: Kezhaletuo Semou ; Most Valuable Player: Kikruneizo Zatsu , Most 180s: Kikruneizo Zatsu.



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