Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Khango-led NSCN refutes AR report

Khango-led NSCN (K) has refuted the report of the Assam Rifles regarding the March 23, 2023 incident near NSCN (Khango) office area, Thilixu village.
The group through its stated that on March 23, after getting due permission from CFMG/CFSB office, they started to shift Old CFSB office from Thilixu Aphuyesha to Thilixu Block V in the presence of Thilixu village council. However, MIP stated that security personnel stationed near Old CFSB office obstructed the road by parking their vehicle on the road.
Subsequently, MIP said CFSB supervisor’s car, which was first in convoy, was intercepted despite being identified.
In order to avoid any escalation, MIP stated the car went inside Church compound to reverse and return back to office. However, MIP claimed that security forces, disrespecting the sanctity of the Church, had gone inside the compound and surrounded the vehicle and tried to forcefully nab its member “on the pretext of having some allegation against him by the Nagaland Police in the presence of CFSB Supervisor.
MIP claimed one officer on duty had gone “beyond the limit” to the extent of pointing his service weapon at CFSB supervisor’s car while supervisor was inside the car.
Further, MIP claimed that one security force personnel snatched mobile phone from CFSB secretary despite identifying himself. MIP such act shows “their unruly ethics and disrespecting the bilateral ceasefire existence between GOI and NSCN”.
The group also claimed that security forces even ignored CFMG/CFSB office order given to NSCN for “smooth passage” of shifting CFSB office.
According to MIP, the Ceasefire Ground Rules Clause B “clearly states” that ground rules will be subject to the two entities and any contentious issues to be resolved jointly by CFSB and CFMG/CFSB. However, MIP said the security forces “trying to hijack” the agreed ceasefire ground rules was “highly objectionable.”
According to MIP, the situations could have been escalated had chairman CFMG/CFSB office not intervened on time. It said the intervention of DCP Chumukedima help calmed the escalated situation.


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