Friday, January 27, 2023

Khango’s group urged to accept olive branch

NSCN/GPRN (K) led by acting president Luyangba Yimkhiung and ato kilonser Isak Sumi Monday claimed that its set-up was intact with all branches and agencies functioning smoothly, and said that any order/directive from the impeached president Khango Konyak was null and void.
In a press note, MIP stated that NSCN/GPRN held its cabinet council meeting under the leadership of Luyangba and Isak on Monday to asses and take stock of the internal crisis developed out of the “self-styled and unconstitutional” action of the impeached president and his accomplices. It said NSCN/GPRN being the people’s government had always respected and heeded to people’s wishes and maintained maximum restraint and “offered olive branch” to the impeached president several times but in vain.
It advised the impeached president and his accomplices to stop issuing unauthorised and cheap propaganda maligning the organisation’s image for their personal agenda and rather accept the olive branch for the sake of the Nagas if there was even a drop of patriotic blood left in them.
MIP said that the impeached president and his accomplices ignoring the appeal from several corners for reconciliation was inborn to their character. The group accused them of resorting to mudslinging, creating confusion by issuing random and illegal orders belittling its name, glory and the pioneers who had sacrificed everything to uphold the Naga political struggle and the group.
NSCN also reiterated what was enshrined since its inception and was still the guiding beacon of all its members: “No one is above nation, no one is above righteousness and no one is above National Socialist Council.” The house reaffirmed its unflinching support to the collective leadership along with all party workers, Naga Army and regions with the exception of few misguided functionaries. It further directed all its sensible workers to maintain calm and uphold the yezahbo and not be swayed or get intimated by unofficial and dictatorial diktats by the “disgraced” president.

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