Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Khasi Mandarin oranges from M’laya exported to UAE

A group of orange farmers in Meghalaya’s South West Khasi Hills district on Friday exported 2,000 kg of the citrus fruit to Doha and Bahrain in the UAE, an official said.
This is the second time that the sweet oranges, known as Khasi Mandarin, is being exported from the northeastern state this year.
Farmers of Jirang in Ri-Bhoi district had exported their oranges to Dubai earlier this month.
“Farmers from Ardong Phlangwar Organic Producer Cooperative Society Ltd of remote South West Khasi Hills district exported GI-tagged Khasi Mandarin to Doha and Bahrain,” Horticulture department director Durga Sohtun told PTI.
She said the oranges are drawn from at least 18 villages spread across 500 hectare and the group consists of 500 members.
The department is facilitating the export and in connecting buyers and the importer, Abu-Dhabi-based Lulu Group International, operational in at least 23 countries across the world, she said.
APOC chairman Brilliant Syiemiong said in the near future the farmers’ group is looking at exporting other local organic produce such as black pepper and other spices available in the area.
The Khasi Mandarin is distinguished from other citrus species by the relatively loose skin of the fruit and the relative ease with which the individual segments can be separated, according to the department.
The state is considered as the primary gene centre of the world’s citrus species, among which the most well-known is Khasi Mandarin also known as ‘Soh niamtra’ (king of oranges) for its sweetness, Sohtun said.

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