Monday, December 5, 2022

Khehovi stresses on inculcating traditions in younger generation


Advisor of Tourism, Art & Culture, Khehovi Yepthomi on Wednesday, stressed on the need to inculcate cultures and traditions of the Nagas among the younger generation.
He lamented how much of the present generation could not even speak their own language which, he said, was disheartening.
Speaking at the Tribal Festival organised by department of Art & Culture on the theme “igniting cultural traditions” at directorate of Art & Culture amphitheatre, Khehovi suggested tribal elders to help young children learn folk stories, dances and songs once or twice a week.
That way, he said, Nagas could preserve their cultures and traditions and pass the same to upcoming generations.
Acknowledging the department for organising the event, the advisor said it was a joy to witness the colourful cultural troupes from different tribes to celebrate the festival.
Pointing out that Nagas were fortunate to have such rich and unique cultures with different languages, Khehovi stated that Nagas should strive to protect the such unique traditions and cultures.
Reminding the gathering that each individual was responsible for protecting, promoting and preserving cultures, he stressed that Nagas will lose their identities if they did not preserve the same.
Stating that the principle of Christianity was to love, forgive and make peace with each other, he said language barriers had tendency to divide Nagas and create tribalism, which he said, should be done away.
He also encouraged the gathering to form cultural clubs and conduct cultural exchange programmes.
Art & Culture secretary Athel O. Lotha in her welcome address said Nagas were artistic people with colourful cultures and that such creative activities were found in the physical aspects. She said the main objective of the department was to preserve, promote and propagate all forms of cultures and arts in order to protect and project cultural ethos of communities.
Further, she expressed hope that such festivals would serve as a reliable source of information and revive the rich culture of Nagas.
Later, director of Art & Culture, Adela Moa delivered the closing remarks while a special song was presented by recipient of Governor’s Award (Music) 2021, Sunep Lemtur.
Cultural performances were presented by—Angami (Kevira Cultural Troupe, Kohima Village); Ao (Waromong Cultural Troupe, Kohima); Chakhesang (Dzülhami Cultural Troupe, Kohima), Chang (Chang Cultural Troupe, Kohima); Khiamniungan ( Khiamniungan Cultural Troupe, Kohima); Konyak(Konyak Cultural Troupe, Kohima); Lotha(Lotha Cultural Group, Kohima); Phom (Phom Cultural Troupe, Kohima); Pochury (Pochury Cultural Troupe, Kohima); Rengma (Tesophenyu Cultural Troupe, Kohima); Sangtam (Sangtam Cultural Troupe, Kohima); Sumi (Shena Old Cultural Club, Kohima); Tikhir (Tikhir Cultural Troupe, Kohima); Yimkhiung (Yimkhiung Beru Cultural group, Kohima); Zeliang (Benreu Students’ Union Kohima Dance Cultural Troupe).

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