Thursday, December 8, 2022

Khongka Students’ Union serves 15-day ultimatum on DoSE

Expressing dismay over shortage of teachers at Government Primary School (GPS) Khongka, situated 250 kilometres from Kiphire district, Khongka Students’ Union (KSU) has served an ultimatum on the Department of School Education (DoSE) to depute teachers within 15 days.
In a press release, KSU president Thrunso stated that the school was being run by a single teacher although it was recognised by the department since 1984 and was also awarded by SDEO Pungro in 2021 for “outstanding” performance of five students.
“In spite of initiatives taken by village council, VEC and students’ union of the village to take the school forward, it is sad to mention that DoSE is neglecting the school in many ways”, KSU stated.
Apart from infrastructural development, the student body lamented that the academic session of 2022 began with three teachers and by mid-2022, teachers were transferred without any reliever/replacement.
KSU questioned if teachers had to be transferred to schools where there was good enrolment or whether it was the policy of the department that schools in far flung areas should run only with a single teacher.
The union stated that the student community in particular would lose all hope for the future generation if the same trend continued.
KSU also pointed out that the village council, VECs and student unions appealed to the responsible department on several occasions, however, there was no positive response till date.
Questioning if the grassroots level had no rights to be imparted with quality education, KSU appealed to the department to look into the matter and appoint required teachers within 15 days of the appeal.
KSU also warned that the student community would be forced to take further “democratic steps” if the department fails to intervene.

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