Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Khuzoluzo Azo Nienu asks NPGs not to interfere in state politics

Senior NPF leader and legislator, Khuzoluzo Azo Nienu urged the Naga political groups to not interfere in state politics and leave it to the politicians, a press note issued by the NPF youth wing stated.
Addressing the rally at 48 Mao assembly constituency, Azo pointed out that had this regional ‘Cock party’ (NPF) not been born, Naga political struggle/issue would have died long back and the Naga political groups of today would just be mere “extortion group or terrorist groups”.
He reminded that the oldest regional ‘Cock party’ formed in October 21, 1963 was the blood line and the roots of the people, and said that the party was formed to up hold the Naga political struggle.
“Thats why I always say this party was formed out of our forefathers sweat, blood and tears,” he said.
Therefore, Azo said any Naga group going against the NPF would be like going against himself and his own policies or going against its own parents. Azo, therefore, urged the national workers to not interfere in state politics.“Naga political groups have no right to interfere in State politics nor do they have any right to decide your future. We the electorates must be bold enough to decide your own future and not allow others to decide out future,” he said.


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