Wednesday, June 7, 2023

KIN flays atrocities against Kukis in Manipur

Kuki Inpi Nagaland (KIN) has expressed extreme pain at the atrocities committed upon Kuki people in Manipur and appealed to every civilized person to condemn such brutality in the strongest terms.
In a press note, KIN president L Singsit and secretary media cell Lallenmang Singson stated that vandalism, kidnapping, torture, killings, burning down of villages, destroying and burning of Churches in the capital city Imphal, uprooting of thousands of citizens from their homes and herding them like animals were “too painful and ugly for human beings to commit on other human beings.” KIN stated that desecration of churches and burning and razing them to the ground was totally against the Constitution of India and unacceptable by any civilized society.
“We find it very shocking and painful beyond words.” KIN stated, adding that “this is not the way to settle differences in the civilized world however justified one may feel.”
KIN stated that majority populace, Meiteis and the tribals had been living together in peace and harmony, as neighbours and one citizen since time immemorial and would continue to stay and live together in the future too. Therefore, KIN said targeting and victimizing a particular group of people would not solve anything. It further appealed to all right-thinking people to abandon violence and sit down together to sort out whatever differences there may be.
It also appealed to the authorities to bring the situation to normalcy as early as possible and ensure that no more precious lives were lost in the state.
Further, KIN appeal to hardliners of both groups to shun violence and “stop this ugly mayhem quickly” so that no undesirable situation occurred outside Manipur.


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