Saturday, December 10, 2022

Kingdom leaders’ alliance held in Kohima


Kingdom Leaders Alliance, a Biblical perspective for regional, national and independent political parties was held at Regional Centre of Excellence for Music & Performing Arts (RCEMPA) Jotsoma, on Saturday.
Speaking at the programme as resource person, founder of Leaders Arise Nagaland (LAN) initiator Overseas Naga Association (ONA) co-founder Kingdom Leaders Prayer Breakfast (KLPB), Apostle Rev. Luoliehu Yimsung shared a vision, wherein, he predicted that 2022 would be a year of shifting.
He, however, lamented that good leaders were in high demand at present, but godly leaders were low.
Rev. Luoliehu encouraged the political parties present to be in alliance with God first, and not with the government.
UDA co-chairman Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu, MLA stated that people were living in a hypocrite world. In this regard, he called for closeness and a sort of pre-poll understanding for post-poll alliance, which, he said was the “perspective” of NPF party.
He admitted that God loved the NPF party even during their lowest and one must not repay “evil with evil” but instead, focus on “good with evil.”.
With the general election approaching, Nagaland state National People’s Party (NPP) president, Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema said people would soon hear slogans and see banners, however, he reminded the gathering to think for the good of Nagas and not to become selfish during the transformative phase of the society.
Pointing out that the world was moving at a rapid phase, especially with AI taking the lead, Dr. Andrew lamented that Nagas were still fighting for basic needs including good roads, regular electricity etc, and questioned the crowd as to whom they would blame for such failure?
He stated that it was up to the young people to choose leaders, who would bring the real change in Naga society.
Further, he stressed on the need to do something in a different manner to get a better result.
Janata Dal, JD(U) Nagaland unit general secretary, Kitoho S. Rotokha announced that he would be the intending candidate from 5 Ghaspani II assembly constituency and shared his belief that since leaders were “God’s Chosen”, it was important for people to realise that politics itself was not a “dirty game” as perceived popularly.
Emphasising that it was rather a noble profession that influenced and impacted the world towards a better and progressive society, he pointed out that Nagaland being a mini India, with diverse tribes and traditions, it was ideal to give importance and equal developmental opportunities to every districts irrespective of the tribe.
Kitoho said the party would seek to root out corruption from the society and firmly stand for overall development of the state.
Rising People’s Party (RPP) president, Joel Naga stressed on the need to be committed towards ending the vicious cycle of money and muscle power which, he said, were splashed during the election.
He asserted that RPP would not enter into political alliance with any parties and will proceed forward with their vision and ideology for a better Nagaland.
Joel, however, stated that the party may consider a post poll alliance to form a coalition government which would give them a chance to implement their vision for the sake of the people of Nagaland.
He strongly pointed out that RPP would “not compromise ideology for the sake of unholy alliance just to be in power.”
Intending candidate for 8 Western Angami A/C, social activist Salhoutuonuo Kruse in her speech stated that the manifestoes and ideologies of a party should be focused in bringing real changes for Nagas, to work for gender equality and uplift all sectors of the society.
She pointed out that the Naga women have been proving their potential and excellence through many achievements and strides made in various fields, which needed no mention.
Former deputy speaker Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) and Ex-Parliamentarian Association of Nagaland (Ex-PAN) president, Joshua Sumi claimed that the “dirtiest politics” all over India was being played in Nagaland state itself.
Recalling the first elections to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly in 1964, he pointed out that the government of India “spoiled the Nagas, splashing and pouring crores of money into the state elections”.
This, he stated, led to the Clean Election Movement.
Joshua lauded the younger generation for rising up with hopes and aspirations and stressed that change should come from within one’s heart.
He called on the need for gender equality in the state, which, he said was needed as women were more spiritual and bolder when it came to certain issues in the present society.
At the programme, welcome speech was delivered by Jotsoma Village Council chairman Riidolie Nagi, invocation was offered by state chaplain Rev. T.W. Yamyap Konyak while hosts of the day were Apostle Revluollehu Yimsung, Rev. Robert Kikon and pastor Nune Kire.
The programme was also attended by representatives from Nagaland Law Students Federation (NLSF), Calcutta University, Naga Mothers Association (NMA) and churches.

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