Friday, June 2, 2023

Kohima-Jessami road: Petty contractors to go on strike

Local villagers and petty contractors of package V (Kohima-Jessami under M/s Stroyproekt LLC OIA JV have announced to go on strike starting May 2, 2023.
During the strike, work would be suspended and roads leading from Losami Junction to Lanye towards Jessami under Package V would be blocked. Recently angry local subcontractors stormed the site office of Stroyproekt LLC OIA JV currently executing Kohima-Jessami Package V under Phek district over non-payment of pending bills. According to a local subcontractor Avi Movi, NHIDCL has failed to resolve the termination issue and release of outstanding payments.
The local contractors stated that site management of M/s Stroyproekt LLC OIA JV and local MLA Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu consoled the agitated local people and the petty contractor that work will be resumed by April 30 and outstanding payments will be made by end of the month. However, the petty contractors stated that they see no resolution and therefore compelled to resume agitation.


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