Monday, November 28, 2022

Kohima traffic regulations during President’s visit

In view of President of India’s visit on November 2 & to 3, Kohima police have issued traffic regulations that would be enforced as part of the security arrangement.
Kohima police PRO informed that on November 2, 2022, no parking would be enforced along the stretch of road from 1st Assam Rifles Helipad to Raj Bhavan, Kohima via LCS Building, Phoolbari, TCP Gate, Classic Island and from Raj Bhavan to State Banquet Hall, Chief Minister’s residential complex, Phezoucha, Kohima starting 9 a.m.
Police informed that only vehicles having ‘Z’ category Car Pass would be allowed parking inside the Capital Cultural Hall complex.
Vehicles having ‘Y’ category Car Pass would be allowed for dropping only at the Capital Cultural Hall, adding this ‘Y’ category vehicles would be parked at the multipurpose parking lot at old Medical Directorate.
Further, parking for invitees, participants to the civic reception at Capital Cultural Hall would be allowed at the multipurpose parking lot at old Medical Directorate and road-side parking from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.
No entry for heavy vehicles within Kohima town would be enforced from 7am till 9pm on November 2, 2022. All upcoming heavy vehicles would be stopped at Dzüdza bridge and all down going heavy vehicles would be stopped at Khuzama Police Check Post at the noted time.
On November 3, 2022, no parking would be enforced along the following stretch of road from 7am till the departure of the VVIP: From Raj Bhavan, Kohima to 1st Assam Rifles Helipad via Classic Island, TCP Gate, Phoolbari, ‘Y’ Junction, Indian Post Office, DC Office to 1st AR Camp and from Raj Bhavan to Kigwema village.
All officials and participants have been requested to reach the venue (Kigwema village) by 9am on November 3, 2022 as traffic movement would be restricted to facilitate the safe and smooth movement of the President and her entourage.
Anticipating positive cooperation from the public, the police warned that defaulting vehicles would be towed away and the towing charges would be borne by the vehicle owners.

Security check at Dimapur airport
In view of the President’s visit, Dimapur police informed that there would be security checking of all passengers and vehicles at Dimapur Airport gate.
Dimapur police PRO has, therefore, informed all travellers as well as those responsible for dropping and picking up to carry hard/soft copy of the plane tickets so as to avoid any inconvenience during the security checking.

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