Sunday, June 4, 2023

Konngam inaugurates Heritage Gallery in Kma


The one-of-a-kind Archaeological & Heritage gallery, a testimony to the history of ancient Nagas, was inaugurated at State Museum, Directorate Art & Culture here on Wednesday.
Speaking on the occasion, Art & Culture and Treasuries & Accounts adviser K Konngam Konyak termed the gallery as a place for culture and identity, emphasising on making it more accessible to students for their awareness about the rich cultural heritage of Nagas. He also stressed maintaining the unique Naga culture and encouraged people to focus more on upkeep of the gallery that reflected the rich Naga heritage, while acknowledging the works displayed at the gallery.
Presenting an overview of the gallery, Prof Tiatoshi Jamir from the Department of History and Archaeology, Nagaland University, termed the gallery “unique” and stated that Nagaland now had a distinctive way to look into the history of Nagas before the wave of major urban habitation.
He said the gallery had exhibits from before the pre-colonial history of the Nagas, dating back to pre-historic times 1000-1500 BC or even to 4500 BC. He mentioned that there were also sites with evidence of human habitation as early as 18,000 BB, along with a chart that displayed an overview of the archaeological sequence of the State.
Highlighting the theme of the gallery, Jamir disclosed that the artefacts and exhibits were mostly excavated or donated by locals and village councils, and not acquired, as compared with other galleries. Emphasising on the significance of the exhibits, he said the display of objects should be perceived as a form of interaction with the beholder while getting a view of the past. He mentioned that some research scholars were assisting them with ancient DNA study on how the remains could be related to modern Nagas.
Delivering the welcome address, Art & Culture commissioner & secretary Athel O Lotha spoke on the significance of museums that were known to be integral institutions for remains and relics. She said the newly-inaugurated gallery had an array of exhibits connected mainly with historical evidences recovered from forums and provided information from a period when there were no written record.
The programme was chaired by Art & Culture joint director Merensola Longkumer, while vote of thanks was presented by director Adela Moa.


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