Wednesday, March 22, 2023

KPC demands clarification from State BJP

Kohima Press Club (KPC) has sought clarification from the State BJP leadership over the usage of “uncouth language and display of total disregard for journalists” by the party’s media cell convenor.
In a letter to the State BJP president, KPC president Alice Yhoshü pointed out that the media fraternity were taken aback by the way the convenor had reacted to their suggestions (Press 4BJP Nagaland’ WhatsApp group) for the party to provide factually correct information before re-leasing it to the media.
This was in connection with the February 17 visit of union minister of Ports, Shipping & Wa-terways and Ayush, Sarbananda Sonowal to address election rallies in Mon town and Wozuro in Wokha district. However, though the minister could not attend the rally at Wozuro, a press hand out from the minister’s office was issued through the state media cell, stating that Sonowal had visited Wozuro and the same published by some media houses.
With the concern that publishing misinformation compromises the credibility of the Fourth Es-tate, Yhoshü said the journalists had merely suggested that the local media cell crosscheck all statements before releasing it to the press.
However, Yhoshü said that the “uncalled-for virtual harassment” and the aggression displayed by the party functionary was shocking and unexpected.
While seeking clarification from the BJP leadership, Yhoshü wondered whether such behaviour displayed by the media cell convener of a national political party like the BJP was the new norm.


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