Friday, December 2, 2022

KSU, ZLSU back DRAN’s demand

Konyak Students’ Union (KSU) and Zeliang Students’ Union (ZLSU) have extended their support to the demand of Department Recruited Aggrieved Nurses 2021 (DRAN 2021)and appealed to the higher authority to intervene and expedite the matter at the earliest so that the public health care services were not affected.
KSU in a press statement, by its president, T.Noklem Konyak and general secretary, A. Pangnan expressed shock that the genuine demand of the nurses, who have relentlessly rendered their service when Covid cases were at its peak, were denied by the concerned authority. Mon district being one of the largest populated and the District Hospital being the only health centre has been affected due to ongoing nurses agitation, the KSU urged the authority to expedite the matter at the earliest.
ZLSU: Zeliang Students’ Union (ZLSU) said that it was aggrieved to witness the “adamant stance” of the state government on the ongoing agitation by DRAN 2021. ZLSU president, Kingsalt Hegwang and general secretary, Sanlakbo said that it was “apathetic and inhumane” that the state government had ignored the legitimate demand of the nurses who have rendered invaluable services by risking their lives at the time when the world was plagued by the covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the union said it will be unethical on the part of the government to disparagingly treat the nurses like objects. ZLSU further demanded immediate interventions of the Chief Minister, Health Minister and concerned department to ensure due gratitude for the sacrifices and services rendered by the nurses.

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