Monday, January 30, 2023

KTC condemns firing incident at ITC Dan

Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC) has strongly condemned the firing incident that occurred at ITC Dan on August 9, 2022.
In a press release, KTC president M Thangou and general secretary NSM Pakhiu said that the members of the Khiamniungan community were peace-loving citizens, but “some insurgent groups” were, on many occasions, trying to create fear psychosis and tension in the region.
Asking the responsible groups not to make Khiamniungan land a battle field specially ITC Dan, the KTC said Khiamniungans cannot be a silent spectator if such fighting keeps happening in their land. Stating that their tolerance level has already crossed the limit, the KTC appealed to the responsible “insurgent group” not target their land only for firing and use it as battle field.
KTC asserted that Khiamniungans instead need peace and development in the district. Therefore, KTC has appealed to both the Indian army and the Naga insurgent group to restrain from engaging in gun battle in Noklak district.

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