Monday, October 2, 2023

KU alarmed over rise in dengue cases

Konyak Union (KU) has expressed concerned over alarming rise in dengue cases in Mon district. Mentioning that their hospital has been overwhelmed by an influx of dengue patients, KU vice president H.A. Hongnao Konyak and general secretary Manpang K Wangyen said that this has resulted in acute shortages of medical personnel and facilities. “The situation has reached a critical point where urgent intervention is crucial and imperative,” KU stated.

As of September 16, KU dengue registered dengue cases have soared to over 50 patients a day, overwhelming the capacity of the district hospital. KU said that out of 678 dengue-positive patients, 289 were currently admitted, while 200 have been referred to facilities outside the district.
Tragically, this dengue outbreak has claimed more lives in the district than the most feared COVID-19 pandemic, KU claimed.

Therefore, KU urgently called upon the state government, medical department, and Naga doctors and nurses to prioritize Mon district and take immediate action to address the crisis, adding that the gravity of the situation cannot be overstated.

It also pointed out that the Mon District Hospital was grappling with severe shortages of beds, with patients being forced to occupy corridors, verandas, and even wheelchairs due to lack of space. This dire situation necessitates swift action and resource allocation, the union asserted.

Meanwhile, KU said the union along with Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong visited the district hospital on September 16, to assess the situation firsthand and listed out its findings– 1.
Urgently require more than 5 doctors to handle the increasing patient load effectively, 2. More than 20 nurses needed to provide comprehensive care to dengue patients, 3. Five lab technicians needed to expedite the testing and diagnosis process, 4. immediate installation of a Complete Blood Count (CBC) machine, 5. To necessitate immediate functional of District Nursing School, Mon.

The unions earnestly appealed to the Naga doctors and nurses to stand in solidarity with the people of Mon district during this critical time. “Your expertise and willingness to sacrifice for our community can make a significant difference in mitigating this crisis,” they stated.

Further, KU implored the state government and the medical department to allocate necessary resources and personnel to the district immediately.
“The lives of our people depend on swift action, and together, we can overcome this unprecedented health crisis,” KU stated.



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