Tuesday, November 29, 2022

KU appeals state govt to address NIDA issue

Expressing concern over the healthcare service affected by the ongoing agitation by doctors, the Konyak Union (KU) Mon has appealed to the state government to “sincerely peruse the demand of the medical doctors” and settle the issue “decisively” in order to provide continuous health care services.
In a press release, KU president Y Chingwang Wangsa and press & media secretary Nokzei P Konyak said that access to health care was a basic human right and it was government’s responsibility to ensure availability of smooth health care services to the people of the state.
However, KU expressed anguish that the state government was not able to address the issue at hand.
The union stated that Mon district was one of the remotest areas with large population depending on the lone government district hospital with a very few alternative health centres for the sick.
KU said that many people suffering from various ailments have been left unattended due to the prevailing issue.
Pointing out that Mon district was already facing acute shortage of medical doctors in all the health centres, the KU has, therefore, questioned the state government whether it could shoulder the responsibility in case of any casualty arising out of NIDA agitation.

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