Saturday, March 25, 2023

KU hands over KLO foreign secretary, 7 cadres to MHA officials

Kamatapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) foreign secretary Pavel Koch and seven other cadres were handed over to Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) officials by Konyak Union (KU).
Narrating the sequence of events, union’s president Tingthok Konyak and press & media secretary Nokzei P Konyak said Koch and the seven cadres had expressed their desire to leave the organisation on March 15. Thereafter, KLO first approached and communicated with NSCN/GPRN-K (YA) Konyak region chairman and kilonser Khampei Konyak, who then informed the matter to KU Myanmar unit president.
Accompanied by KU Phomching unit and Intelligence Bureau assistant director Rajip Sharma and MHA team of Guwahati, the KU president with his Myanmar counterpart took a serious note of the prevailing situation and rushed towards Longwa village.
Presidents of three organisations – KU, KU Myanmar unit and KU Phomching Unit – properly received Pavel Koch and Kalyan Koch, sergeant major of KLO, at Longwa village on March 15 and held a meeting in the wee hours in presence of MHA and 27th Assam Rifles officials.
The KU president and KU Myanmar unit president interacted with Pavel Koch and expressed joy at their decision to join the mainstream and moving towards peace and development. They said Konyaks too were always seeking peace and tranquillity in the land.

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