Friday, January 27, 2023

KU, Konyak CSOs, ENSF observe ‘Black Day’


In memory of the 14 innocent civilians killed by security forces– 13 at Oting and one at Mon town on December 4 and 5, 2021 respectively, the Konyak civil society organizations (CSOs) led by Konyak Union (KU) on Monday held a programme to mark the conclusion of the ‘Black Day’ (observed on December 4 and 5) at KU office Mon headquarter.
The Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) and all its seven federating units also observed ‘Black Day’ in all their respective district headquarters.
In a press note, KU said the union, Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong (KNSK) and Konyak Students’ Union (KSU) were dismayed for the delay in delivering justice, despite reposing their faith in the Centre and the State government.
The unions, therefore, urged upon Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) to pursue the matter more rigorously since it had taken up the case.
The civil societies said they have faith and belief in the democratic principles of the state and expected the judiciary system of the largest democratic country to deliver befitting justice.
The unions, therefore, appealed to the Central government not to shy away from delivering justice to its citizens and asserted that “a crime is a crime and must be dealt with as per the provisions and sanction of the law.”
“Failing to deliver justice in order to save the morale of the men in uniform would mean a mockery of the very fabric of modern society,” it cautioned.
KU further said that the unions had accepted the decision of the ENPO for peace and understanding with the Indian armed forces so as to pave ways for justice in a peaceful manner.

ENSF: As directed by ENPO, ENSF along with all its federating units– Chang Wedoshi Sethsang (CWS), Khiamniungan Students’ Union (KSU), Konyak Students’ Union (KSU, Phom Students’ Conference (PSC), Tikhir Students’ Union (TSU), Yimkhiung Akherü Arih-ako (YAA) and United Sangtam Students’ Conference (USSC), observed ‘Black Day’ at their respective district headquarters.
“Hearkening back to the appalling Oting firing incident on the fateful day of 4th December 2021 followed by a string of events on 5th December 2021 Mon town, a night is not passed without a moment of anguish,” stated ENSF in a release.
The federation mentioned that the stories of the lost lives would be told to Nagas for ages to come.

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