Sunday, January 29, 2023

KU warning to members (and their villages) filing nominations


Warns individuals filing nominations will be expelled from Konyak soil

Making a strong pitch against participation in the state assembly election in Nagaland as announced by Election Commission of India (ECI), Konyak Union said it continues to stand by the August 26, 2022 resolution by Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) to not participate in election “until government of India grant the demand ENPO for a separate statehood befittingly.”
The union also warned that anyone of its member(s) filing nomination(s) or disrespecting its decision will be expelled from Konyak soil and that the village of the person/candidate would be held solely responsible. The decision was made at the union’s emergency meeting held at KU conference hall Mon on Wednesday.
When contacted, KU president Tingthok Konyak informed Nagaland Post that the emergency meeting of the KU held on January 18, had resolved and reiterated to stand firm with the August 26, 2022 ENPO resolution.
He said the House had also resolved to permanently expel those individuals filing nominations to participate in the Assembly election from Konyak soil. Further, Tingthok said the village of any person filing the nomination, will also be held solely responsible.
He also claimed that KU fully endorsed and empowered Konyak Nyupu Sheko Khong (KNSK), Konyak Students’ Union (KSU) and village councils to fully implement and act upon the resolution.
According to KU president, Konyak village representatives, apex civil society organisations (CSOs), KU executive council members, senior leaders, intellectuals and representatives of all political parties from Mon district attended the meeting and signed the resolution.
ENSF directive
Meanwhile, Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) has directed its seven federating unit officials holding designated posts, to resign or withdraw from any political entity or affiliation. ENSF president Chingmak Chang and general secretary KhomoKhiamniungan stated that the federation resolved to issue the directive at an emergency meeting at Tuensang on Wednesday after sensing potential threat to Frontier Nagaland Statehood demand.
ENSF also stated that the meeting viewed the crucial ongoing pressing demand for Frontier Nagaland and resolved unanimously that any member of the federation’s seven federating units – Chang Wedoshi Setshang, Khiamniungan Students’ Union, Konyak Students’ Union, Phom Students’ Conference, Thikir Students’ Union, United Sangtam Students’ Conference and Yimkhiung Akherü Arihak – and subordinate bodies holding any designated bodies are to resign or withdraw from political entities and affiliation.
It stated that ENSF fully endorsed the seven federating units to strictly implement the same in all its units.

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