Wednesday, September 27, 2023

KUM dismayed over gunfight between NSCN (K) groups

Konyak Union (Myanmar) has expressed dismay over the gunfighting that took place in the wee hours of September 7, 2023 between NSCN (K) groups—one led by Yung Aung and the other led by “maj. gen. (Retd)” Angmai—at Lak-ho fields Ponu Village, wherein three from former and one from latter were killed.

In a press release issued on behalf of KUM advisory board, KUM president PM Aman and general secretary K Akham Honwang condemned the “satanist act” of fighting within NSCN (K).
Following the incident, KUM advisory team led president travelled to Lak-ho, but GHQ cadres threatened and checked the belongings of KUM president.

In this regard, Konyak Union (Myanmar) advisory appealed to both the parties to restrain from threatening innocent people without reason. It also appealed to both parties to live in their own designated places.
Further, Konyak Union (Myanmar) appealed to both the parties’ leaders (chairman Yung Aung and “maj. gen. (Retd)” Angmai) to listen to the voice of Konyak people and Nagas in general.

Konyak Union (Myanmar) reaffirmed that fighting and creating unwanted situation in Konyak soil was “totally unacceptable”. It urged Eastern Naga CSOs and tribal leaders to examine the situation in Eastern area in order to bring the peaceful atmosphere.

Meanwhile, KUM has informed that following its appeal and intervention, the CHQ (Yung Aung cadres) at Nyanching village on September 10, 2023 released one member from Ang Mai (GHQ) identified as Mihlei Pety from Yanu village without any harm and handed over to his village council. KUM has lauded CHQ (Yung Aung cadres) for the release.

Konyak Union (Myanmar) has also expressed sympathies with the members of bereaved families during these difficult times.


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