Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Lamhainamdi village serve 10-day ultimatum on govt

Lamhainamdi villagers have served a 10-day ultimatum on the state government to immediately withdraw “biased police personnel” and also lift the “biased status quo order” on the area.
In a representation addressed to the chief secretary, 14 members of Lamhainamdi village belonging to various tribes (Angami, Ao, Lotha and Chakhesang) including the village council chairman Heikumchube declared that the villagers will carry out full scale development works after the expiry the 10-day deadline and also “act appropriately against any aggressors in defence of their life and property.”
“No amount of force or coercion from any quart& shall stop us from this resolve,” the village members declared.
The signatories alleged that the November 7 incident took place with the active support of the 9 IRB personnel and Jalukie police. According to them, this exposed the fact that that the “status quo” order by the government had all along been effected to control the Lamhainamdi village only.
They also alleged that posting of some police officers were done with the intention to “control and oppress” the Lamhainamdi village, the “undoubted landowner”.
The signatories said that at a time when the villagers were hoping that the state would mete out justice and considering the involvement of third party– CNTC and TPO- the village was instead attacked and ransacked.
They also pointed out that while blatant statements had been made in the media “making superlative demands from the government”, the government failed to take appropriate action and arrest those leaders and the perpetrators who violated the status quo order.
The signatories said Lamhainamdi village has so far, never retaliated even after its inhabitants had been slaughtered. Instead, they accused the government of aiding the perpetrators while preventing the village from even defending their own life and property.
“The 07.11.2022 incident has now revoked the status quo order and, henceforth, the government must withdraw all the biased police personnel from the area and leave the village to look after its welfare. We have no need of any protection from any quarter,” the villagers demanded.

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