Sunday, June 4, 2023

Leaders in Delhi to apprise Govt on Naga issue: Kaito


With Nagas yearning for an early solution to the decades old Naga political issue, Agriculture & Cooperation minister G. Kaito Aye on Thursday informed that few leaders have left for Delhi to apprise the Central leaders as to how Naga solution should be arrived at in line with the rest of the country.
He said this while speaking at the reception cum interaction programme for National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) president Dileep Sangkhani at Hotel Japfu here on Thursday.
While not denying that the state has been gripped with a lot of problems, Kaito said several issues had “certainly blocked our ways intentionally or unintentionally.” He said “when law and order was not friendly with the people, naturally everything goes slow.” For this reason, he said the State was not able to catchup the rest of the nation, including the cooperative sector.
Pointing out that due too many defaulters, Kaito said not only the cooperative sector, but the farming sector has also been affected, as many were not able to avail the opportunity of the cooperative movement.
While asserting that the cooperation department stood by its principle of “one village, one cooperative societies,” Kaito said the introduction of cooperative societies in Nagaland was relatively late as compared to other parts of the country.
He also highlighted to the NCUI team that the state can be promoted as a centre for organic and eco-friendly products and also promote health food, herbal medicine etc. through an integrated strategy for sustainable and equitable utilization of its natural resources and biodiversity.
He also appealed to the visiting team to highlight the productivity and marketable linkages to the main stakeholders for the progress of the farmers.
On his part, Sanghani assured that NCUI was committed towards developing and promoting the co-operative movement in India and educate, guide and assist the people and help them build up and expand the cooperative sector.
Sangkhani said the cooperatives offer enormous opportunities and can effectively address the task of socio-economic development of the North East region in general and Nagaland in particular where agriculture, products were higher in value.
About 17 women cooperative society members from all over the country and members of empowerment of women committee were also present at the event.
The Cooperation department also submitted a note “Revitalizing and upscaling cooperative movement in Nagaland” to the NCUI team.


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