Friday, December 1, 2023

Lebanon’s Hezbollah fires missiles on Israeli targets

Lebanon’s Hezbollah has said it has launched several attacks on Israeli targets with guided missiles. In a statement, the Shia militant group said on Wednesday that it targeted three Israeli sites with missiles, including a centre for Israeli soldiers and a surveillance and reconnaissance system south of Al-Manara in northern Israel, “causing several casualties.”

Hezbollah confirmed the death of one of its members, without revealing more details, Xinhua news agency reported. In southern Lebanon, medical sources told Xinhua that two Lebanese farmers were injured in the southern village of Aitaroun by Israeli gunfire.

Additionally, the Lebanese military sources said that the Israeli army expanded its artillery shelling in southern Lebanon, resulting in damage to 14 houses in areas around Aitaroun.

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Israeli media reported that in response to these attacks, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) retaliated with artillery fire, but no IDF casualties were reported.

The escalation on the Lebanese-Israeli border began when Hezbollah fired multiple rockets on October 8 toward Israeli military sites in support of a Hamas surprise attack against Israel. In response, the Israeli forces fired heavy artillery, targeting various areas in southeast Lebanon on the same day.

Meanwhile, peacekeepers in the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) on Wednesday dismissed reports suggesting an evacuation of peacekeepers from the border region.

“The UNIFIL soldiers are still in their position and have no plan to leave,” UNIFIL Spokesperson Andrea Tenenti was quoted by Lebanon’s National News Agency as saying.



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