Monday, March 20, 2023

LEEC holds general meet-cum-seminar

Staff Reporter

The 19th general meeting of Lotha Eloe Ekhüng Chümoukedima (LEEC) was held on Tuesday, at Lotha community hall, Chümoukedima.
The meeting was followed by a seminar with Kohima Lotha Eloe Ekhung (KLEE) president Renboni Ezung and Kohima educational society chairman and consultant psychiatrist, Dr Phyobemo Ngully as resources persons.
Speaking on the topic, “Role of a women in sustainable development”, Renboni said women’s strengthening was a vital factor for accomplishing sustainable financial development, social development and ecological maintainability.
She also spoke on the importance of preserving the own culture, tradition, identity and mother tongue.
Later, resource person Dr. Phyobemo Ngully spoke on the topic “A healthy remembrance”. Earlier, the programme chaired by LEEC president Rosy Yanthan, began with an invocation by LEEC ex-president Yankhono Murry and benediction by LBC women pastor Lothunglo Lotha.


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