Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Leprosy awareness campaign in Tsg, Phek

Chief Medical Officers of Tuensang and Phek observed leprosy awareness campaign on January 30.
In Tuensang, ‘Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign’ was observed at CMO conference hall.
Delivering keynote address, CMO Dr.Keveduyi Theyo informed that leprosy was treatable, curable and that stigma and discrimination should be avoided. On the occasion, the participants also took pledge on SPARSH Leprosy awareness campaign.
The programme was chaired by Tsupai Health Assistant and commenced with an invocation by Thsuyanchu LDA.
Welcome address was delivered by Hanah LDA and concluded with mass prayer.
Phek: Anti-Leprosy Day was observed at CMO office, Phek under the theme “Let us Fight Leprosy & Make a Leprosy a history”.
A press release informed that, the main objective of the observation was to raise awareness about leprosy disease and teach people about the disease which was now easily curable. CMO Phek, Dr. Khriezotuo Paphino on his keynote address, encouraged the National Leprosy Eradication Program (NLEP) staff to continue their awareness activities to eliminate leprosy. Resource person Dr.Shevo Hiese DVBO Phek in his speech highlighted the significance of the programme.
He also presented the causes, signs and symptoms of Leprosy and the importance of awareness to do away the social stigma.
Hiese, also informed the participants that Leprosy treatment was free of cost, curable and not hereditary. At the programme, Anti-Leprosy Pledge were also read out by NLEP staff and displayed IEC materials.
NLEP staff will be carrying out Sparsh Leprosy awareness campaign till February 14, by conducting various IEC activities across the district.

CMO Phek along with NLEP employees and others.

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