Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Longleng govt high schools facing teacher shortage

Out of the existing 15 government high schools (GHS) in Longleng district, seven GHSs were functioning without Maths teachers, 10 GHSs without English teacher, two GHSs without Science teacher and five GHSs without Hindi teachers.
According to a DIPR report, this was disclosed by senior SDEO and DEO in-charge of Longleng, Yahuto Kath during monthly Longleng District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) meeting held on November 10, 2022 under the chairmanship of deputy commissioner & DPDB Longleng vice chairman, Dharam Raj.
Yahuto Kath, who presented the agendas for approval of teachers and fourth grade staff in GHSs and government middle schools (GMSs) in the district, highlighted the grievances faced by the government schools in the district due to shortage of teachers.
The DEO in-charge also informed the board members that as per the standard criteria of the school, the actual requirement of teachers in those 15 GHSs were 21 maths teachers, 17 science teachers, 10 english teachers and 11 Hindi graduate teachers.
Further, Kath informed that 18 GMSs in the district did not have fourth grade staff and suggested for post creations.
Asserting that one cannot expect good results without teachers, DEO in-charge said shortage of major subject teachers was directly affecting the students’ performance in their examinations.
Also, speaking on the issue, DC Longleng Dharam Raj asserted that grievances of the government schools in the district would go on unless the government came up with a new policy to redress the issues.
With absences of maths and science teachers, DC said “we cannot expect our students becoming Maths and Science Teachers in the future and the problems will go on until a decision is taken up at the higher level.”
After deliberating on the issue, the house forwarded the approval of teachers’ requirements and creation of fourth grade staff for the schools.

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