Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lotha Baptist Church Association issue: All parties asked to maintain status quo

The Home department has asked all parties to maintain status quo in the matter regarding dissolution of the Lotha Baptist Church Association (LBCA) administration and replacing it with an interim administration by the Lotha Hoho.
Office of the Commissioner Nagaland, in a letter to DC Wokha, dated June 10, 2022, observed that the steps taken by the Lotha Hoho and consequent action, if any, at this juncture could be construed as interference in the Court proceedings and also considered as obstruction on the administration of justice, as the matter was subjudice.
Therefore, DC Wokha has been asked to advise all parties concerned “to maintain the status quo as it existed prior to March 18, 2022 till the matter is disposed of by the High Court or fresh directions are given by it.”
It may be recalled that the Lotha Hoho on March 21 informed that it had on March 18, dissolved the “hitherto existing” Lotha Baptist Churches Association (LBCA) administration under provisions of Art. 371A (a) I),ii),ii) & iv), of the Indian Constitution and as empowered by Point No.8 of the 16 Point Agreement,1960; and the Nagaland Village and Tribal Council Act 1978, amended in 2011.
LH stated that the hoho has elected a pro-tem team, for an Interim period of six months, for reorganisation of the LBCA administration.


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