Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Lotha Baptist Church Dimapur holds annual choral competition

Staff Reporter

The annual choral competition of the Lotha Baptist Church Dimapur (LBCD) unfolded at the Sumi Baptist Church on September 24, organized by the Youth Department. A gathering of over 250 choristers from eight sectors within Dimapur under the LBCD graced the event.

Senior pastor of LCBD, Dr. Yanbemo Lotha in his exhortation, drew references from the book of 1st Samuel, emphasizing the spiritual significance of music. He said, “One can only enter the gates of heaven through songs, and music is indeed medicine for one’s soul.” He further stressed the importance of music in enriching one’s life.

Emerging triumphant was the choir from Town Area Sector Dimapur, with Duncan Sector and the combined sectors of Residency, Forest, and Nepali Basti securing the first and second runners-up positions, respectively. The competition featured the Lotha version of the beloved hymn, “If Jesus goes with me, I’ll go anywhere.”
Apart from the competition, the Sunday school kids of LBCD performed symphony of worship.

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The competition was judged by Yanpothung Humtsoe, Pfotokho Kayina, and Albert Kanken.
Earlier, associate pastor of LBCD, Benlanthung Yanthan and Lipeni Rangthang anchored the eve while the competition was blessed and dedicated by youth director, Longshithung Patton. Other groups included Burma Camp, Rilan and Mon Basti sector, Kyong Lotha Colony, Oriental and Kashiram sector, Notun Basti sector and Nagarjun sector.


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