Thursday, March 30, 2023

Lotha Eloe Hoho conducts seminar on legal rights, safety of women

Lotha Eloe Hoho (LEH) on Thursday, conducted a seminar on “legal rights and safety of women” at Wokha District Village Council Chairman Association (WDVCCA) Hall, Wokha, with women leaders Wokha town colonies.
‘Gender quality is practically absent’
Speaking on “rights of women”, Saki-One Stop Center (OSC) case worker Wokha, Thungbeni Kikon said equality of gender was highly spoken in every platform, however, in practical, women were deprived, harassed or ignored by the society and kept as inferior.
Thungbeni also spoke on harassment of women in workplaces, domestic violence and its forms of harassments and blackmailing through social media.
She said women had every right to be protected and informed the gathering to fight such discrimination.
Further, she said women feared reporting crimes committed on them due to social stigmas.
The case worker informed that identity protections were maintained and women had free legal rights by visiting the Legal Services Authority.
Further, Thungbeni asked women to abstain from being trapped through use of social media as many had become victim to social media.
She also spoke on discrimination, distribution of property and legal rights for women.
‘Most crimes committed against women go unreported’
On “safety and security of women”, OC Women cell Wokha, R. Lochumbeni said most crime committed against women went unreported which she said, only encourages the criminal to commit such crimes.
Lochumbeni said many female victims had lack of awareness and were habitual victims.
In this regard, she urged upon the people to condemn and stand for the rights of the victims and do away with social stigma.
The OC also informed the women to fight injustice and crimes against women by filing reports and availing legal rights and protection.
She also asked the community to support the victims and report to authorities if they find any injustice meted to women.
Lochumbeni disclosed that most crimes reported in the Women Cell were rape cases and also informed that drug usage in the district was alarming.
In this regard, she urged upon the women leaders to cooperate with the police department to fight against drug menace.
The programme was chaired by LEH vice president R. Thungbeni Ezung, women leader Police Baptist Church Wokha Abeno Ngullie offered invocation, opening remark was delivered by Thungbeni Ngullie followed by a group discussion.
Later, vote of thanks was proposed by Yipono Patton.
The programme was attended by various women leaders of Wokha Town colony.

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