Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lotha Regional Council , NNC (Parent Body) adopts resolution

Lotha Regional Council (LRC), NNC (Parent Body) at its emergency general meeting on June 8, 2022 adopted four resolutions. A press release by LRC, NNC (PB) president Ekyimthung Patton said, it resolved to “always stand firm on the 1929 Naga Memorandum submitted to the Simon Commission and the subsequent enactment of ‘Naga Hills Excluded Area’ under the Act of 1935, the declaration of Naga Independence on August 14, 1947 and the Naga Voluntary Plebiscite of May 16, 1956”. “Reaffirm its stand on the central leadership of Yilow Humtsoe (acting president), Zhiongba Yimkhiung (vice president), and V. Nagi (general secretary), NNC (PB)”; “stand for the Naga National Unity as a whole for political solution”; and “appeal to all the Naga Frontal organizations to unite and thereafter bring in unity among various NPGs and factions.”

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