Wednesday, November 29, 2023

LOU seeks revival of ADC HQ at DHPS

Land Owners’ Union (LOU) and the affected villages of Doyang Hydro Power Station (DHPS) under Wokha district have appealed to the state government to revive the post of additional deputy commissioner (ADC) at DHPS, Doyang, Wokha.

In a representation addressed to the state chief secretary, LOU president Rhanbemo Odyuo and general secretary P. Roland Ezung informed that the then governor of Nagaland in an order dated the October 6, 1986 established an administrative headquarters temporarily headed by ADC at Doyang Hydro-Electric Plant (now Doyang Hydro Power Station) Wokha with full administrative, judicial and revenue collection power. However, the union said the state government discontinued the posting of ADC in 1997.

LOU said Wokha DPDB on August 9, 2018 recommended for the revival of ADC-planning as a full administrative HQ for effective governance in and around the catchment area of Doyang township. It said recommended proposal of Wokha DPDB meeting was forwarded to government on August 20, 2018 and the same was forwarded by ADC Planning, DPMC & member secretary, Wokha dated February 26, 2019. In the light of the above, LOU and affected villages have requested the state government to revive posting of ADC office, Doyang.



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