Tuesday, March 28, 2023

LOUDHPS 7-day ultimatum to cancel tenders

Land Owners’ Union, Doyang Hydro Power Station (LOUDHPS) has served a seven-day ultimatum on the Doyang Hydro Power Station to cancel the tenders for various projects that were recently floated.
In a press note, the union’s president Rhanbemo Odyuo and general secretary P. Roland Ezung accused DHPS authorities of violating the agreement and policies.
In this regard, the union has demanded immediate cancellation of the tender floated for the supply of vehicles, cancellation of September 15 NIT for repair of quarter No.PD-07(A&B) by providing steel roof structure, steel window and ventilators etc. at Permanent Colony and cancellation of tender for repairing and renovation of NEEPCO IB guest house kitchen.
After the cancellation, the union proposed for a co-ordination meeting between the two parties to chalk out further course of action for the smooth functioning of the project.
The union warned of initiating own course of action if DHPS failed to comply with the ultimatum and said that DHPS would be held responsible in the event of any untoward situation that may arise.


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