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LRC NNC, NSUS celebrate 75th ‘Naga Independence Day’

Lotha regional council (LRC), Naga National Council (NNC) and Naga Students’ Union Shillong (NSUS) celebrated the 75th “Naga Independence Day” on August 14.
NNC calls for reconciliation among NPGs: Lotha regional council, Naga National Council (NNC) parent body celebrated its 75th “Naga Independence Day” at Oking Wokha on August 14.
In a press release, Lotha regional council (LRC) NNC informed that on the occasion, LRC (NNC) president, Ekyimthung Patton in his message, stated that Nagas traditionally enjoyed a form of pure democracy where every person was free to speak of one’s own right. He, however said the voice of Naga people were suppressed by the Indian armed forces, innocent people have been killed like animals, massacre was ongoing since 1956 to the recent incident of December 4, 2021 at Oting village, Mon.
He pointed out that Nagas must come as one on the original principle of 1929 memorandum and 1951 plebiscite, a political referendum for permanent solution.
Further, he said under the leadership of acting president Yilow, vice president Zihongba Yimchunger and general secretary V. Nagi, NNC hoped and requested that all the factions of Naga “national” groups would reconcile and unitedly create one political platform of which the government of India cannot deny but grant Nagas their “national” rights.
NSUS encourages youth to realise ‘common Naga destiny’: Naga Students’ Union Shillong (NSUS) celebrated “Naga Independence Day” on the theme, “Unite et Regnabit” (Unite and Reign) at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Shillong with Naga Hoho (NH) president H.K. Zhimomi as chief guest.
In a press release, NSUS informed that during the programme, H.K Zhimomi narrated the historic events of Naga struggle in order to educate the Naga youth in Shillong so that they would not “get confused by divisive policies employed to divide the Naga nation.”
Zhimomi said Nagas have embraced Christianity as a collective religion and must embody the virtues of a Christian.
He said Nagas were called to be free but were “forcefully captured by the Indian forces”.
The NH president said the ongoing talk was uncertain but there were “possibilities and a high change of the Naga solution in the near future.”
“The freedom is not a demand by Nagas to the Indian government but asking back what is rightfully theirs and to recognise and respect their rights”, Zhimomi stated.
In the welcome address, Naga Students’ Union Shillong president Imeka Zhehoto Awomi highlighted the importance of bringing Nagas under one roof.
He emphasised on the necessity to instil and preserve the spirit of Naga legacy among the younger generation.
Awomi also encouraged budding leaders to renew the commitment and pursue and realise the common Naga destiny.
Moyon Students’ Union Shillong (MSUS) president, Nonwarngam Chisi said the Naga vision was “to live in a united Naga nation”, which has been “denied by the oppressors”.
He reminded the youth to be prepared for the fulfilment of Naga vision, which was the “birth right” of Nagas.
“The unique history, culture and world views of the Nagas is what fuels the journey to freedom, although it may be currently separated by political boundaries and united by blood and boundaries which is beyond boundaries” he stated.
Earlier, the celebration was hosted by Teranshel Tontang from Uipo (Khoibu) Students’ Union Shillong and was attended by Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) and Naga Post Graduate Students Council Committee.
At the programme, short speeches were delivered by Zeliangrong Students’ Union Shillong, president Ab. Dizinbou and Khasi Students’ Union general secretary Bah Donald. Poumai Christian Fellowship, Shillong, chaplain Rokheda Mahraomai offered invocation, the flag was hoisted by chief guest along with NSUS president Imeka Zhehoto Awomi accompanied by Naga national anthem led by the Chakhesang Students Union, Shillong and a minute of silence was paid to Naga martyrs.
Later, vote of thanks was proposed by NSUS vice president Lipoknuchet Walling and benediction by Sumi Christian Fellowship Shillong, pastor Mughahoto Zhimomi.

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