Tuesday, June 6, 2023

LS health camp at old Riphyim village

Honouring late Lilamo Patton and late Sosham Patton, a health camp was conducted in the jubilee memorial hall-cum-office of Old Riphyim Baptist Church, Old Riphyim village on May 14.
Various ailments were screened by the medical team comprising of consultant orthopaedics, Dr.Nungdilong, consultant surgery, Dr. Jacob Varkey, resident doctor family medicine, Dr. Ravi Singh and consultant paediatrics Dr.Wonashi Tsanglao.
Out-patient consultation was carried out by a team of doctors from various specialities.
According to the family of late Lilamo and Sosham Patton, minor surgical and orthopaedic procedures were also carried out under safe and sterile conditions.
All adults were screened for hypertension and diabetes while body mass index and nutritional status were checked in both adults and children. Altogether, 130 persons availed free medical services while free medicines were also distributed to the villagers during the health camp.


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