Sunday, December 3, 2023

LSU 75th anniv celebration concludes


Lhisemia Students Union (LSU) Celebrated their 75th Anniversary with a grand finale event on October 14 at courtyard of T.M. Government Higher Secondary School, Kohima College Kohima (KCK).

Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and the Advisor for School Education & State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Dr. Kekhrielhoulie Yhome graced the event as the chief guest. In his speech, he recognized the significance of achieving 75 years, a remarkable milestone.

Dr. Yhome commended the Dolphin club for their unwavering commitment to enhancing student welfare.
He stressed that in 1946, a mere three schools were present, but tremendous progress has been made since then. Now, there are nearly 40 private and government schools.
He stated that currently, there are approximately 177 gazetted officers from the Lhisemia khel clan and expressed hope for even more in the future.

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He also stressed the importance of enhancing the quality of government schools in and around Kohima, urging everyone to join forces and actively contribute to this cause. Dr. Yhome emphasized that these accomplishments cannot be achieved in isolation but require collective efforts to create a positive impact on society as a whole.
Additionally, he encouraged the union to aspire towards establishing additional achievement awards at both the village and state levels. Ensuring his support, Dr. Yhome pledged to provide any necessary assistance for the endeavours, guaranteeing progress and advancement for all.

Former president of LSU (1975-76), Tseivilie Miachieo, Lhisemia Khel chairman, Ayie Yhome, Kohima Village Students Union President (KVSU), Vilalhou Sorhie also addressed the gathering.
Meanwhile, a class 4 student of Don Bosco higher secondary school, Keneisevor Dzuvichu delivered a recitation.
As part of the year-long jubilant celebration, a commemorative souvenir was released.

Organizing committee convenor Dzüvinguzo Mepfhuo delivered the welcome address and a presidential address was given by Dziesekhrietuo Khruomo. Earlier the LSU Choir presented a choral performance, accompanied along with special songs by Menguseu Suokhrie and Visaleü Mepfhuo.

The programme was compered by Neingusalie Khruomo and Neitseizonuo Liezietsu and Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Metuo Liezietsu. Rev. Keviyiekielie Linyu, Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church invoked God’s blessing and Keduoneituo Yhome, Pastor, Phezoucha Baptist Church offered prayer for the Jubilee feast.



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