Monday, February 6, 2023

LSU initiates waste segregation campaign


Commemorating its 75th anniversary, Lhisemia Students’ Union (LSU) has initiated household waste segregation campaign under the theme, “With one mind… towards a healthier environment” at L Khel, Kohima Village on January 14.
The campaign seeks to sensitise every household under Lhisemia Khel jurisdiction on importance of waste segregation from the household level and ensure that the segregated wastes were transported to the designated treatment plan. It aims to avoid dumping, burning and accumulation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes together.
The campaign was flagged off by Lhisemia Council chairman Ayie Yhome and the participants pledged to make L Khel a “waste-segregated area” and resolved to abide with the adopted Action plan.
Lhisemia council members, Lhisemia Youth Organization office bearers, LSU 75th anniversary organising committee members, LSU executives and about 100 students took part in the campaign.
The flag-off programme was chaired by co- convenor organizing committee, Khriesazo Liezietsu while organizing committee member Vitsu Yhome shared the concept of the campaign and deacon Khedi Baptist Church, Kekuolhouthie Dziivichii said the invocation.

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